Get a team of technology professionals working with your startup right away!

Highly trained & vetted IT professionals that work alongside your team to help your startup glide through any challenge without worrying about hiring, inflated budgets or missing deadlines.


for technology-focused startups

Identify the type of human capital challenge your startup is facing and learn more about the customized solutions we have have built around those problems.



Unsure how to proceed with product development? Losing hope on finding that right co-founder with IT experience? Confused about what technology is best for you?

Lets get your ideas off the ground and your MVP ready for the market at warp speed!



Constantly looking for a new CTO? Not finding the right leaders for your tech team? Lack of product development direction causing trouble in paradise?

Look no further. Let our dynamic product development engineers & system architects, work in tandem with your team to make your product achieve its true potential!



Delivery deadlines closing in fast, or wanting to explore new technologies, or maybe just need support from a technology specialist, but don't want to hire permanent employees?

Well you don't need to, when we can push your projects to completion with our panel of IT experts!



And of course, your problem might be completely unique, but if it is technology that is troubling you, you bet we know how to deal with it.

Our massive team, with years of experience across a plethora of domains, have had their hands dirtied with even the absolute niche technologies on the market today. Just drop us a line...

Who are we?

Starry-eyed dreamers, just like you, hoping to change the world one line of code at a time!

Having worked with a wide variety of enterprise clients for over a decade, we believe we are in the perfect position to bring our experience, an extremely talented team of coders and stable throughput capabilities, to startups aiming for the stars. Our aim is not only to be able to provide capable coders, but also to share our knowledge to allow startups to take better decisions, while avoiding common pitfalls.

What we do?

Enable technology-focused startups to deliver more value while lowering their development & operational costs.

Being a startup does not have to mean that every piece of code needs to be written in-house. However, the traditional IT outsourcing has left a lot of dissatisfied entrepreneurs who eventually stay away from this route even with evident cost or operational benefits. We intend to change that by bringing in greater accountability, transparency & quality assurance for our partners.

How do we help?

By packaging our services to address specific human capital challenges that startups face.

Over time we realized that almost every people-related frustration in a tech startup boiled down to a lack of direction to kick start, or lack of proper talent to execute the vision & plan, or need of additional high level overview while expanding. And that’s exactly how our service packages are designed, with teams and processes built to eliminate wasteful cost centers & focusing on the core problem.

We Love  Working With Startups

Here are some of our amazing success stories building startups and helping them grow.

Enough Shop Talk.

Let's Meet The Crew!

  • Gaurav Kumar
  • Gaurav Verma
    Chief Software Architect
  • Abhinav Dabas
    Marketing Maverik
  • Akash Dubey
    Apple Apostle
  • Asheesh Gupta
    Android Authority
  • Rahul Raj
    SQL Sniper
  • Apeksha Goel
    Project Manager
  • Sajal Garg
    Angular Apostle
  • Amit Nirala
    Python Piper
  • Akash Pal
    Java Jouster
  • Apurva Verma
    ML Maestro
    NOSQL Ninja
  • Deepak Bindal
    Android Authority
  • Atul Manchanda
    Python Piper
  • Sartaj Ali
    Project Manager
  • Praveen Bhatt
    Python Piper
  • Love Singhal
    ML Maestro
    Project Manager

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