and we want to use our experience building enterprise IT solutions
for over a decade to help startups & entrepreneurs

build better products,

reduce waste & cost,

deliver more value to their customers,

be more profitable sooner,

and avoid mistakes we have seen so many startups make.

Across my experience as a technology professional and as the Director of an enterprise IT solutions provider, with almost every startup, and for that matter even established businesses, there seemed to be a constant struggle in finding the right people to work on technology. Be it trying to scale up the team or finding experienced technology leaders, in this constant struggle it is the amazing ideas, products and startup that take a hit. Failing to scale up the product at a fast pace in a competitive environment, unable to explore and adapt to new technology trends, eventually settling for slower development cycles.

And it is not just about finding the right people. It is about finding the right people while keeping costs under control.

These are the precise pain points we are trying to tackle with Startup Glide – To balance talent & cost, for startups & organizations. By providing the ability to entrepreneurs to choose the kind of skill set that will serve their most immediate need, it becomes possible for them to tackle challenges, and take on new opportunities, without having to worry about quality and cost. It’s as simple as going to the mall and picking up what you need to fix the problem.

Gaurav Kumar,
Co-founder, Startup Glide

We Value People

People On Our Team

We believe our true differentiator from every other IT company out there is our team. Since the very beginning, we have provided our team with an environment that is conducive to both their professional and personal growth. And it is over time that we have built our 80+ strong team of loyal and talented technology professionals, who take immense pride in the work that they do. A team that never shies away from a challenge, a team that firmly believes nothing is impossible, a team that is willing to move out of their comfort zone to constantly broaden their horizons, a team that could be working with you to take you startup to new heights.

People We Work With

At Startup Glide our intention is to go beyond the services of an IT consultancy or service firm. We believe we are the solution makers for our client. And above that we believe that our relationship is that of a partner, and not a vendor. However, trivial a task may seem, we work with you and your team to identify and build a solution that makes your life easier, even if it means walking an extra mile for us. We are not in the business of wrapping up projects as fast as possible. We are in the business of building great products, nurturing ideas, and building a legacy, with you!

A Team of 80+ IT Professionals Skilled in a Wide Variety of Technologies, Architectures & Frameworks, backed by Strong Leadership, Impeccable Processes & Indomitable Work Ethics

Curious How Startup Glide Can Your Startup? Drop Us a Line and Let’s Get Talking!

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