For entrepreneurs that know what they are doing but lack the necessary workforce due to non-availability or budget constraints.

Ideal For

      Startups looking to expand team for rapid development without permanent hiring.

      Startups in need of a team to intermittently support existing tech team.

      Startups looking for domain experts to support their existing team.

      Startups frustrated with existing IT vendors.

      Startups looking to build one-off product or product off-shoots.

Scale Up Operations Instantly

without being constrained by quality or quantity of human capital


Instant Team Ramp Up, When You Need

Sometimes you just need a few extra hands to get the job done. Request more resources as and when you need to keep your development roadmap on the track.


Adaptive to Your Way of Working

We have nurtured our teams to be adaptive of the culture of the organizations with whom they work, leading to less friction, better performance and happier… well… everyone!


Stay Lean, Deliver Value, Reduce Waste

Maintain core competencies while off-loading actual development tasks to our team allowing you to keep development costs to a minimum while delivering maximum value to your customers.


Explore & Experiment Freely

The very nature of the startup ecosystem mandates the need to constantly explore & experiment. This often becomes hard to do without burdening the existing team. Think of us as your team always ready on standby


Get Technology Experts for Every Need

Having trouble finding coders specializing in a particular domain? Our continued involvement in a wide variety of IT projects necessitates the need to have technology-specific experts. Let us lend you a helping hand.


Your Backup, Always on Standby

You can always rely on our team to have your back when you probably need it the most, be it rapid resolution to system outages or getting product deliveries on time.

The Right Resources, at the Right Time, Turned Edumarshal from a One-man Project Into a Formidable School ERP System

Edumarshal was a project started by a full-stack developer all on his own. The first iteration helped him prove the business opportunity, but what he needed now was a team of coders that could function autonomously under his guidance and vision within a reasonable budget. A single consultation later, we began our collaboration with our team providing the coding firepower and the founder focusing on product sales.

Today, Edumarshal has introduced over 30 modules for schools & education institutes to choose from, with the IT infrastructure still being taken care of by our team under the supervision of Edumarshal team.

Ready to Get Your Team of Coders?

Having a team of expert software developers just a call away, to plug any and every gap in your production, can give you the market advantage you want. With the flexibility to engage with our team in different ways, we can build a package that is absolutely tailored to your need and allows us to deliver the most value for your investment.

Buy Development Work Hours & Consume When Needed

When you know you only need to ramp up production or offload work from an unforeseen event, you can be assured that you have the right people for the job waiting to lend a helping hand. Choose technology experts that you need, buy a bundle of work hours and use their skills whenever you need.

Hire Developers for Duration of Projects

For the times when the deadlines are closing in and timely delivery is critical, identify the gap you need covered for the project duration and hire the developers you need.

Hire Developers on Hourly Billing

Exploring new technologies? Need to diagnose technology-specific issues? No problem. Hire by the hour.

Hire Programming Language Experts

With any package, choose from a plethora of programming language experts. Just ask. We got the right people for you.

Hire Developers for Specific Platforms

Choose from our  experts for language-specific frameworks and cloud deployment platforms.

Hire Technology Experts

Our teams love working on the bleeding edge, so if you are struggling with finding the right partners for technologies such as AI, Machine Learning, Blockchain and AR/VR, you have come to the right place.

Wondering About the Pricing?

Every startup is unique, so are its problems & needs. Send us some details about the problems you are facing and we will get back to you with a tailored solution & pricing for you.

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