For entrepreneurs, who are either unable to find the right leadership for their existing tech teams or dealing with tasks too large or complex that may require additional management support.

Ideal For

      Startups unable to locate ideal top level executives to guide product development.

      Startups looking to hire virtual CTOs or CIOs.

      Startups looking for planning assistance prior to undertaking a large project.

Leadership that Inspires

your team & startup to achieve its true potential


A Think Tank to Guide Your Development

When we say a virtual CTO, we mean an entire team of IT veterans cumulatively working on your product & processes so you can benefit from the experience of multiple experts at the cost of a single executive.


A Reliable Second Opinion

Remove all apprehension before calling the shots, by allowing our team of experts to review your plans from varying perspectives covering all the bases, so you can move ahead with absolute confidence.


Improve Organizational Knowledge

The leadership that inspires us to adopt industry-leading practices can help you standardize development procedures, optimize system performance, & streamline business processes to help reduce costs & improve quality.


Faster Resolution to Systems Failures

Don’t let panic take over during system failures. Identify problems faster, introduce stop-gaps rapidly, and plug failure points more securely with our team of experts ready to share from their experience.


Manage Complex IT Initiatives Effortlessly

The more inspired your vision, the greater the complexity of execution. Collaborate with our experts to help you immaculately plan and execute the most complex of IT projects reducing re-engineering costs and time delays.


Well Guided Team is an Inspired Team

Absence of leadership, more often than not, will eventually cause your tech teams to lose focus and feel lost. Especially so, if your startup is doing really well and growing to explore new opportunities. let our experience guide your teams & keep on you on the path of success.

We Helped Clear My Dues Close the Gap from a Working Prototype to Performance Optimized & Production Ready

The engineering team at Clear My Dues, while extremely capable, and having built a fully working prototype of their service, were struggling with the acute performance, reliability and security demands of a polished fintech product. A deeper discussion helped us understand not only the existing engineering problems, but also discover the unfavorable nature of the current system architecture to the founders' vision for the future of the product, along with the lack of synergy with the business processes.

We decided to expand the scope of work to address all these issues in a completely overhauled system architecture, delivering a deeply integrated product aligned with their business goals, all within the expected budget and delivery timelines.

Ready For a Dynamite Collab?

We can work together in a bunch of ways

Hire a Virtual CTO

A virtual CTO or CIO can help you to focus on building your business without having to constantly be on a lookout for managerial talent or double guessing what your tech team or IT vendor are upto. What’s more, you get a whole panel of experts from different industries & technologies guiding your technological development. Absolute peace of mind at the fraction of a cost.

System Architecture Review

Building a functional app is quite different from building an app that functions optimally. In our experience, most often development follows technologies that the coding team is most comfortable with, not with technologies that are best suited for the use case. Even minor changes in the system architecture can help you reduce costs, speed up development times, cut downtime, and improve scalability.

Security Review & Pentesting

Let our security experts attack your apps, so you can safely plug vulnerabilities before they are discovered.

Performance Optimizations

Request for a review of your application to identify resource-hogs that slow down your apps performance, and let our team help you improve your apps deliverability.

Development Cycle Optimization

Poorly structured development pipelines hamper your ability to build reliable & secure products. Let our year’s of software development experience help you optimize how your team plans, writes, builds, tests & deploys code.

Business Process Optimization

Your tech product maybe great, but does it synergise well with your internal processes? Your sales, marketing & support teams? Let our management experts identify the gaps that may be causing you to lose money due to poorly optimized business processes and tie everything neatly into your product.

Organizational & Team Trainings

Expand your organizational knowledge & culture to align with the leading industry practices. Be it coding or management or processes, our consulting team can help you weed out poor habits that leech your organizations efficiency and your team’s morale, with training programs designed exclusively for your organization.

Wondering About the Pricing?

Every startup is unique, so are its problems & needs. Send us some details about the problems you are facing and we will get back to you with a tailored solution & pricing for you.

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