Top Technologies to Watch Out for in 2018

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Only oracles predict the future thus with great humility I try to list technologies that potentially will have ever changing impact. I wonder how hard it would have been for Roy Fielding to know back in the year 2000 that REST would change how architecture is designed. Would Admiral Grace Hopper have known Cobol would continue to be the most used language almost after half a century.

So with complete responsibility of our statements we try to investigate technologies that potentially will be important players in the year 2018. Will they become game changes is something time will tell.

This article explains the potential candidates that are worth watching and then dives into why they are relevant today. The article ends with how so many disparate are consumable in this day and age.

The next set of technologies to watch out for are geared towards changing how we fundamentally interact with computers or what computers can do for us.

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence is rather a broad field, it ranges from general intelligence (something that is not available today) to a number of sub fields like vision, machine learning and deep learning, NLP and others that are available today for consumption.

While AI has been a university favourite for years it was however not available as a commodity till late, further computation power required had until recently not been available at low cost of ownership.

Cloud, recent advancements in recent years provided unlimited and on demand computer power. AI algorithms that were complex and requires specialised understanding are now available as ready to use libraries. With such advancements many techniques formally available in a lab are available to the average developer.

This is an interesting time to be working with AI, with commoditized AI and a low entry barrier fields of natural language processing, machine learning and deep learning are available as usable libraries.

Programmers do not need to know the intricate details of how say a classification algorithm works or for that matter how a text of natural language is parsed into a lexical syntax. All they need to do is use it and build applications for them.

Augmented and Virtual Reality

While AI brings processing capabilities to a new level  Augmented and Virtual Reality are cutting edge technologies that allow how computers are interacted with, they allow enhancing the perception of  environment or a completely independent modelling environment.

This opens up virtually limitless advancements in areas of how humans use computers. Fields such as education, gaming, modelling are all enriched with this field.

Falling cost of hardware and ability of mobile devices are primary reason for this technology to be more accessible. However as it stands this field is yet to have its explosion.


Apps have been growing in popularity (annoyed reader thank you!) and will continue to grow. Traditional computers will end up being used only for development or other specialized usage. Apps are are smart, easy to distribute and manage. They can access anything anywhere.

Apps will continue to build and more industries will need larger real estate. Thus tables and apps optimised for tables are expected to make a come back in the business world.

The keyboard would soon be obsolete with voice and gesture being primary mechanism for input. This would allow business consume apps over traditional desktops.

While apps have been around for years, fundamental shifts in app development is imminent, more and more apps will run off browser. Progressive web apps as they are called will dominate development process over hybrid / cross platform apps.

Progressive apps have a better chance of being the successor for the same reasons web applications are dominant on desktops.

The given technologies have been around for long time but only now has the environment been favourable. Over last one decade a lot has happened

  • Businesses have exposed themselves as consumable services. We have a lot of services available and ready for use.
  • Smart Mobile devices are available and usable
  • Cloud is available bringing unpredictable load under control
  • Techniques available for internet scale applications such as nosql etc. are now time tested and easily available
  • Memory, CPU and communications have become free

This environment is favourable for the given technologies and experimentation it is now only the imagination that would pave the path.

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