Webinar Series: Microservices – The Growth Catalyst Your Software & Business Need

Join us for a 4-session webinar series that explores one of the paradigm shift in software development in our times, adopted by likes of organizations like Amazon, Uber, Netflix, Ebay & Sound Cloud. The series intends to introduce the goals, benefits & challenges of microservices architecture, implementing the microservices architecture and embracing the microservices philosophy to other business processes.

Hosted By

Gaurav Verma,
Chief Software Architect, Startup Glide
Gaurav Kumar,
Co-founder, Startup Glide
Sankalp Goel,
Co-founder, DJUBO

Why You Should Attend

This series is intended to discuss microservices not just from a software application development standpoint, but also its impact on organizational growth and profitability, and therefore holds a relevance to everyone in an organization primary dealing with a digital product, whether you are a business owner, leading the tech team or handling sales, marketing or operations.

Webinar #1: Microservices 101

25 October 2018

Understanding what is and isn’t microservices, and the applicable use cases to deploy microservices.

Webinar #2: Microservices: Goals, Challenges & Finding Solutions

1 November 2018

Breaking down existing applications into microservices the right way, defining the goals, creating the perfect microservices reference architecture, exploring the problem with microservices & how to address them.

Webinar #3: Adopting Microservices

8 November 2018

Roadmapping for microservices, making the transition, taking on the software development challenges and the impact of microservices architecture on organizational processes and how to embrace microservices as an organizational philosophy.

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Oct 25 2018 - Nov 08 2018

Local Time

  • Timezone: America/New_York
  • Date: Oct 25 2018 - Nov 08 2018
  • Time: 03:00 - 03:30